Sunday, June 12, 2011


Our ship arrived back in Singapore in the morning. With our plane not departing until the evening, we decided to take our suitcases to the airport and put them into storage. Whilst there we arranged our seating for the journey back to Sydney.

Then we took a taxi back to the city, choosing to go on a river cruise that we had been unable to find on our last stop here. It’s a good thing we took the taxi, because I don’t think we would have found it even then! Our boat took us down the river, then back up again.

Passing under this unique bridge.

And passing by this unusual sculpture, reflecting the exuberance of youth.

It also allowed us a closer look at the casino.

Before we left the river and had lunch at Hooters, then took a taxi back to Chinatown for a return visit before making our way to the airport, with its beautiful displays of Singapore orchids.

And its monorail which ran between the two terminals, and had this most unusual metalwork on the outside of the building to represent the orchids which Singapore is famous for.

Our flight home was good, as had been our whole adventure, but there is no place like home.

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